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Arda Turan mocked after loss to Fener

Arda Turan playing for Basaksehir

Former Barcelona player Arda Turan ridiculed on social media for lackluster performance after loss.

Recently transferred Arda Turan had a terrible night in Istanbul this Sunday. Basaksehir succumbed to a 2-0 loss to local rivals Fenerbahce however that wasn’t the talk of the night.

Arda put in an uninspired performance in a match that was full of drama, as reported by local news outlets. The Turkish international was on the receiving end of many social media posts all throughout the night. After his substitution in the second half, he struck a pose which was re-posted on the internet by a number of Turkish football fans:


Where were we?

Translation: “Where were we?”


Below are translations of some of the jokes aimed at the player:

  • “The deadliest move Arda did during the match: coming off.”
  • “Whichever team Arda goes to, he ruins them. First game he was in the starting 11 and he ruined it.”
  • “He is the most useless player on the team. Arda struggles to run even.”

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