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Besiktas to announce profits in May

Besiktas to announce profits in May

The club are reported to be close to triggering a Financial Fair Play fine.

Besiktas have announced they will declare their profits in the month of May in order to adhere to UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations. The rules, simply put, say that a club must not spend more than they make.

Head of the Finance Department, Berk Haciguzeller spoke to media about the decision.

“UEFA’s FFP rules state that the border is 30% but your football club’s pay is at 48%. Consider this a warning.”, the finance expert said referring to a warning the club received regarding their financial stipulations.

He continued, “At Besiktas, we pay much attention to meeting UEFA’s financial criteria. Our target is to show profit in the financial table that we will present in May. We will keep our 3-year profit targets within the FFP criteria. Our president is very sensitive. This is why we are so meticulous with transfers. UEFA criteria mean life is a problem.”.

President Fikret Orman told Besiktas players prior to the crucial match against Bayern Munich that their salaries for January will be paid before the match.