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Besiktas release Quaresma statement

Besiktas release statement about Quaresma

Ricardo Quaresma has recently complained to FIFA regarding a fine imposed on him by the club, according to reports.

Portuguese winger Quaresma was fined by Besiktas for disciplinary reasons. In 2.5 seasons, he managed to receive 25 yellow cards and 3 red cards, numbers the club considers to be too high. The club fined their player €350,000 in accordance to their internal disciplinary protocol. Quaresma, unhappy about the fine, has lodged a complain with FIFA appealing the fine.

Besiktas have decided to release an official statement to the public to dispel any rumours:

“Within the framework of our disciplinary protocol, last season Quaresma and Aboubakar were fined. Our club follows discipline regulation that should be respected. Besiktas strictly applies disciplinary instructions. Football players have the right to request a review from FIFA.

We want all the public to know that we are questioning the very nature of last season’s important events on the eve of our very important matches and the reason for it to be reported. ”

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