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Barcelona want another €530K from Besiktas

Barcelona want another 350K

Adriano’s former club Barcelona are asking for their share due to a transfer clause.

Barcelona have made a request to Besiktas to pay up per the stipulations in the transfer deal involving Adriano. The Turkish club have managed to qualify for the knock-out rounds of the Champions League and were required to deposit €1.17 million into the Spaniard’s bank account.

According to the transfer agreement, some of the clauses such as advancing to the knockout stage of the Champions League, have been triggered and thus the Catalan club are owed an additional €530,000.

The player signed for Besiktas for an initial €600,000 in 2016 and agreed to a 3-year contract. The transfer deal contains add-on clauses which entitle Barcelona to a further €1.7 million depending on how far Besiktas progresses in the Champions League.

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