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Trabzonspor fans argue with directors

Fans argue with directors

After Trabzonspor’s loss to Basaksehir, the club’s management and fans argue in the stands.

To see fans argue is not rare, however to see them argue with a club’s staff is.

It’s been a rough few weeks for Trabzonspor football club and the club’s fans. There have been rumors of instability within the club’s management and most recently, a presidency election was held.

After tonight’s match between Trabzonspor and Basaksehir, which the Black Sea Storm lost 1-0, there were some ugly scenes which took place in the stands. Some of the club’s directors were seen arguing with each other and the fans.

Trabzonspor’s vice president Ali Riza Egemen was heard saying “No resignation.” in response to supporters who were chanting “Administration Resign.”

Arguments could be seen and heard between both sides as others tried to calm the situation. Eventually, the groups were separated by staff members of the club.

Upon leaving the stadium, vice president Ali Riza Egemen was heard saying; “There is no resignation. Everyone needs to get their act together.”

Trabzonspor have been sliding down the table for a while now and need to start winning again soon as the manager, Riza Calimbay, is rumoured to be fighting for his job. Their last five games have seen them draw four times and lose once. Their last win was 10 matches ago on December 16th of last year.

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