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Galatasaray fined for tweet

TFF fined Galatasaray for tweet

Galatasaray have been fined for their cryptic image tweet the club posted after losing 2-1 to Kasimpasa.

The Turkish Football Federation has fined Galatasaray 100,000 Turkish Liras (approximately €21,400) for the image they tweeted after they lost to Kasimpasa in the last Super Lig round.

Galatasaray’s official Twitter account set the rumor mill ablaze last week when they posted a cryptic image of the match scoreboard with the referee on Kasimpasa’s side. One can speculate what they are referring to however the frustration of the club comes from the questionable decision to award Kasimpasa a penalty for a foul against one of their players.

The TFF also gave a warning to Galatasaray’s club president Mustafa Cengiz for his involvement in the matter after his outburst implicating the referee with a conspiracy.

Galatasaray's cryptic tweet

The image posted on Galatasaray’s twitter account after their loss.

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