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Fernandao speaks to FBTV

Fernandao speaks to FBTV ahead of derby

Fenerbahce’s Brazilian striker Fernandao was a guest on FBTV ahead of his club’s derby against Besiktas this weekend.

This weekend’s Turkish Super Lig derby contested between Besiktas and Fenerbahce will be the talking point of every sports news outlet in Turkey. The highly-anticipated match is always an important one however as the league winds down and the difference between 1st and 3rd placed teams is just three points, it will be more decisive than before.

Fernandao was invited as a guest on FBTV (Fenerbahce TV) to speak about the derby and share his thoughts on various matters relating to Turkish football. You can read what he had to say below;

“Besiktas will be a very important match. A derby and a derby in Turkey are very different things especially when the teams are neck-and-neck in the title race. We really are working hard. We are trying to reduce our mistakes. To get the three points, we’ll do whatever we can.

I suffered a very hard and heavy injury. I’ve never suffered such an injury in my career before. I knew I would have to work more to return to the level of performances I had prior to the injury. I trained longer and harder. Thankfully, I’ve been able to show the old Fernandao again. Right now, I’ve started doing better and the team are playing well. I hope by continuing like this I can be of help to my team.

First of all, I think the team deserves to be congratulated. Really, everyone in the team does their best during training and during matches, everyone puts in all their effort.We understand what our coach wants from us and we are showing that bit by bit on the pitch. And that is reflected in the results.

This year, without a doubt, we can say is one of the most competitive years. The Istanbul teams are fighting for the league title and I think each one of them will fight until the end. I’m hoping we will be the winners.

Our supporters have to fill the stadium every week, definitely. We ask them to come to the stadium to support us until the end. Because when they do that, by filling up the stadium and supporting us, they make a huge difference. They are our 12th player. So we ask them to continue and to come to every game and support us until the very end.”

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