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Sener: ‘We need to be more calm’

Sener Ozbayrakli speaks about Besiktas derby

After a fierce match against local rivals Besiktas, Fenerbahce’s right-back Sener Ozbayrakli spoke to reports about the drama that unfolded throughout the derby.

Sener Ozbayrakli spoke about his team’s 2-2 draw with Besiktas in the first-leg of the Turkish Cup semi-final tonight and said his teammates need to control their emotions during these types of encounters.

“During derbies, these things happen. These things don’t suit us, though. We need to be more calm.”, explained the right-back, who scored his side’s second goal.

“3-4 days ago we played football which didn’t suit us. We play for Fenerbahce and this isn’t usual for us. I hope Fenerbahce fans and all of Turkey enjoyed the match, I personally enjoyed it a lot. These things happen during derbies. Alper and Volkan were unfortunate tonight. We fell behind early on, but then we took the lead. Adrenaline levels rise during these types of derbies but we are experienced, and we need to be more calm.”, Sener added.

The match was a typical Istanbul derby which saw 4 goals, 3 red cards and a total of 35 fouls committed.

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