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Mariano: “My goal in Galatasaray is…”

Mariano talks about his goal at Galatasaray

Galatasaray’s right-back Mariano was interviewed by Spanish press regarding his time in Sevilla and his new club in Istanbul.

Mariano, who signed for Galatasaray at the beginning of the season for €4 million, said it was his own wish to leave Spain and move to Turkey so he could win a league title.

“Sevilla wanted to sell me. There was a good offer and I was transferred. Still, whenever I see Sevilla play on television, it makes me happy. I wonder if they will play in one more final. I hope they will. But as I said, I was happy in Sevilla however I’m in Galatasaray now. One of Europe’s important clubs. Just like Bordeaux and Sevilla, I am working hard towards my goal of winning the championship with Galatasaray.”, expressed the 31-year-old.

After being asked to compare Spanish and Turkish football, he replied; “In Turkish football, there are a lot of challenges and the speed is very quick. The speed of the game, ball playing time are very different. Here, counter-attacks are very important.”

The player has made 21 appearances for his club so far this season and plays an important role in Fatih Terim’s tactical plans.

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