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Fener’s stadium tours to bring in millions

Fenerbahce stadium tours to bring in milions

The Turkish Super Lig side is diversifying their revenue streams and analysts are predicting a large flow of money coming their way.

Fenerbahce have been preparing to open their stadium to guest tours for the past two years and the plan has come to fruition as of last week.

The club are estimating about 300,000 annual visitors to their stadium and approximately 9 million Turkish Lira (around €1.9 million) in revenue. The tour, which costs 30 Turkish Lira (around €6.40), will let visitors see the player changerooms, referee rooms, VIP areas as well as the Green Box which would allow them to take pictures of their favourite players.

In order to facilitiate visitors from foreign countries, the club are working with companies from abroad to arrange organized tours in order to accommodate not just local but fans from abroad as well.

Fenerbahce aims to achieve greater sums of revenue in the coming years thanks to these tours, which are implemented by some of the world’s leading clubs.

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