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Galatasaray presents finances to UEFA

Galatasaray present finances to UEFA

Galatasaray’s president and a team of delegates met with UEFA officials on Friday to present their economic situation.

Galatasaray’s president Mustafa Cengiz was in Nyon, Switzerland to present and defend the club’s finances in front of UEFA officials as part of the Financial Fair Play rules.

After a three-hour meeting with UEFA representatives, the president told reporters outside the building;

“We made a 50-page presentation and answered their questions. We explained our realistic plan for the next 3 years. We hope we do not have to appear before the investigation committees again. We made three different presentations in total and they have paid attention to them.”

After being asked about the possibility of a ban from competing in European competitions, the president responded; “I always prepare for the worst scenario.”

Galatasaray, like most Turkish Super Lig sides, are carrying a large amount of debt and will be hoping they won’t face a ban similar to the one they had imposed on them last season.