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Eskisehirspor fans invade pitch during match

Eskisehir fans invade pitch during match against Altinordu

During the 1.Lig match between Eskisehirspor and Altinordu, a large number of fans invaded the pitch.

Eskisehirspor hosted Altinordu earlier today and lost 4-2 in a match which saw both teams throw caution to the side. The six goal thriller entertained both sets of fans until the 84th minute when a heated argument between players of both teams caused the fans to lash out in anger. Altinordu were leading 3-2 when two of their players were laying on the pitch waiting for medical aid.

This set off the home-side supporters who took it as a sign of wasting time. A large group of loyal Eskisehirspor fans ran onto the pitch and began running towards some of the Altinordu players on the field.

The Eskisehirspor players attempted to block and calm the angry fans for several minutes as security guards tried to take control of the situation.

One of Altinordu’s players, Hasan Hatipoglu was physically attacked. Eskisehirspor’s goalkeeper Kayacan Erdogan, who conceded 4 goals, needed to be escorted by security in order to leave the pitch.

After seeing what played out in front of them, another group of Eskisehirspor fans attempted to run onto the pitch however they were successfully stopped by security personnel and Eskisehirspor players.

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