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Gunes: ‘We want to show good football’

Senol Gunes speaks during press conference before Bayern Munich clash

Besiktas manager Senol Gunes, alongside Quaresma, held a press conference today before tomorrow’s Champions League battle against German champions Bayern Munich.

Senol Gunes remained upbeat during the press conference today ahead of tomorrow’s clash despite the seemingly impossible task of overcoming a 5-0 away loss to Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 meeting.

The manager said he hoped the fans will enjoy the match tomorrow as his team aims to put on a good performance for the supporters.

Ricardo Quaresma spoke briefly about the match;

“I want to congratulate my team. We came this far in the Champions League and it wasn’t easy. To turn things around will be difficult for us but we will try. I trained very well during my suspension. Physically, I am ready. It’s up to the coach if I will play. We did what we could during the first leg. Tomorrow will be a different game however. We will do whatever we can and we try to enjoy it. Talisca is happy he was invited to the national team. He’s a young and capable player, with a bright future ahead of him.”

Senol Gunes also had a few things to say, albeit a little less optimistic;

“It will be a match we play independently of the first game. The result of the first match reduced our excitement to a lower level. Our expectation was to advance to the next round. In the worst case, we showed our strength. It didn’t go well for us after we got a red card and conceded the first goal in the first half. We will miss Pepe, Vida and Tosic. We have a shortage in our defense. I hope it will be a good match and we will win on our turf. It’s been a test of what we can do in the Champions League. we want to show our fans good football. We have said goodbye to the Champions League this year and we want to leave with a good impression for next year.”

“We wanted to play more counter-attacking football in the first leg but after the red card our game-plan fell apart. We don’t want that to happen in this match again. Tosic is injured. Caner and Adriano have minor injuries. We’ll see. Pepe, Vida and Tosic will definitely not play tomorrow. We have several options in the forward department but we have a shortage in our defense. If it was 1-0, maybe the excitement would have been different. We will play without looking at the score tomorrow and play our own way to win. We may have lost but if we play great football, for us, it will be enough.”

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