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Galatasaray player caught driving without a license

Ryan Donk caught driving without a license

Galatasray’s Dutch football player Ryan Donk was caught driving a motor vehicle without a license.

While his team has been making headlines for the right reasons, Ryan Donk made them for the wrong one. Reports have surfaced today revealing that the midfielder was pulled over by police after Galatasaray’s 2-1 win against Konyaspor on March 11.

Donk tried to get out of the tricky situation by telling the police officer his driver’s license was with his friend. This turned out to be false, however.

“I’m staying at the Hyatt Hotel in Levent. My friend will bring me my license.”, the 31-year-old told the police officer.

Shortly after, his friend arrived at the scene but without a license. The police officer quickly realized the player, who makes a reported €1.5 million in wages, does not have a driver’s license.

The police officer issued Ryan Donk and the owner of the car a 2,018 Turkish Lira (approximately €420) fine.

Police officer writing Ryan Donk a ticket

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