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Emre Mor apologizes for being unprofessional

Emre Mor apologizes for unprofessional behaviour

Turkish international Emre Mor has apologized to his team publicly on Twitter for his unprofessional behaviour which included being late for training and not being as committed as his teammates.

Celta Vigo’s midfielder Emre Mor has been left out of the team’s last three matches, including today’s home game against Sevilla, due to being late for training. The Spanish club have zero tolerance policy for players who arrive late to training, no exceptions.

Emre Mor has felt the wrath of the club’s management after being left out of the team for the past three matches for his unprofessional behaviour and today, the young Turkish international apologized to his team via Twitter.

Emre Mor's apology on Twitter

Celta Vigo’s manager, Juan Carlos Unzue, has said Mor does not have the same attitude as his teammates, in addition to being late. Rumours from within the club are suggesting the player might be moved on this summer.

Prior to the recent events, Emre had been a regular in the team’s starting line-up. It remains to be seen, however, whether he can win his place back in the team.

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