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Trabzonspor elect new president

Trabzonspor elect new president

Turkish Super Lig side Trabzonspor have elected a new president today to lead the club forward.

Trabzonspor have elected Ahmet Agaoglu as the club’s new president today after voting was held in the 73rd General Assembly of the club.

Ahmet Agaoglu and Metin Kaya were the only candidates for the position. Out of the 7,578 eligible voters only 1,690 cast their vote.

Agaoglu won by a huge margin as he received 955 votes compared to Kaya, who received 90 votes from the 8 boxes that were counted out of a total of 16. Having seen the huge amount of votes Agaoglu received, Agaoglu was declared the winner without counting the rest of the votes.

Ahmet Agaolu, born in 1958, is a Trabzon native and the current head of the Golf Federation in the country. He is one of the richest businessman in Turkey and is estimated to have a net worth of over $1 billion.

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