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Turkey bids to host EURO 2024

Turkey bids to host Euro 2024

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) on Thursday submitted its bid to host UEFA EURO 2024.

A Turkish delegation headed by TFF President Yildirim Demiroren visited UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, to submit their dossier to host the 2024 European Championship finals before an April 27 deadline.

Demiroren handed over the documents to UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis at the House of European Football on Thursday.

According to UEFA statement, Theodoridis at the event, said: “We know that the TFF have invested a lot of resources in their bid to host UEFA’s showcase national team competition, and I believe it will be a tough decision for the UEFA Executive Committee to make in September.”

The Turkish National Association had first submitted a declaration of interest to bid to host UEFA EURO 2024 in March 2017.

The German Football Association (DFB) also officially submitted their application on Wednesday.

The UEFA Executive Committee will meet in Nyon to pick the EURO 2014 host country on Sept. 27.

After submitting the dossier, Demiroren said: “We are pleased to present the Turkish bid to stage UEFA EURO 2024 to the UEFA General Secretary today. I am also delighted to announce that our federation, which is bidding for the fourth successive time, has prepared our best bid ever, with unprecedented state support.”

“All guarantees are given without any reservations, including some additional and innovative guarantees that will ensure the financial success of the tournament — thereby benefiting all UEFA member associations. It’s now our time, and we are ready to share together with the whole of Europe,” Demiroren said.

This would mark the first time Turkey hosts the European football tournament.

“In the upcoming weeks, the UEFA administration will start evaluating the final bid dossiers. During this evaluation phase, bidders may be required by UEFA to elaborate upon and substantiate their bids as described in their bid dossiers. As part of its transparent bidding process UEFA will then prepare a written evaluation report on each bid by September 2018,” UEFA said in a statement.

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