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Besiktas announce their debt level

Besiktas announce their debt level

The Black Eagles’ administration made the announcement of their debt level during a board meeting.

The Istanbul side are carrying a massive amount of debt and their debt level has been revealed as of today.

Besiktas held a board meeting at Vodafone Park Stadium where 8 members from the board of directors were present. Club president Fikret Orman did not attend the meeting due to other arrangements he had made in advance of the meeting.

Following the opening speech of Tevfik Yamanturk, who is one of the directors at the club, the club’s debt was announced by the supervisory board.

The figure announced by the club was a staggering 1 billion 912 million 497 thousand 949 Turkish Lira (1,912,497,949). That is approximately €377.5 million.

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