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Fenerbahce elections heating up

Fenerbahce president elections heat up

Fenerbahce’s president elections are getting tense as fans ponder what the future holds.

The presidential elections at Fenerbahce are heating up and things have gotten ugly rather quickly. Both candidates have been seen on television accusing each other of wrongdoings and are using every trick in the book to get the upper hand ahead of the crucial June 3rd election day.

Fenerbahce, one of Turkish football’s “Big Three,” is torn between status quo and a new president as it heads to the polls on June 3. Aziz Yildirim, Fenerbahçe president since February 1998, will face off against his main opponent businessman Ali Koç in the election.

In a Monday interview with Sabah, Turkey’s most-circulated newspaper, Yildirim responded harshly to the rumors that Fenerbahçe was in a financial crisis.

“Fenerbahçe is the most advantaged club among its rivals. If Turkey goes bankrupt, then Fenerbahçe does too. When I became president in the late ’90s, there were financial problems, there are problems today and naturally, there will be in the future. But the opposition [Ali Koç] promises nothing on this issue. We will spend all our resources for the club’s football branch,” the reigning club president said.

“Fenerbahçe got through a very tough period after the match-fixing scandal on July 3, 2011.” he added.

Yildirim and six others were acquitted on charges of match-fixing, two years after their release from prison, following a year of detention and awaiting trial.

source: dailysabah

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