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Antalyaspor’s transfer budget is €12 million – club spokesperson

Antalyaspor's transfer budget is €12 million

The club have revealed their transfer budget for signings this summer.

Antalyaspor club spokesperson Cumhur Arici has told reporters their club’s transfer budget for the summer transfer window is around €12 million. They seek to add five players to their squad with this amount and are already in talks with two players.

The positions of the players in question are said to be a left-back and a left winger.

“We are meeting with several foreign players who are of good quality and will be very helpful. We will reveal the transfers within a few days. Our priorities are the left-back and left-wing position, as requested by our first-team manager. We are in negotiations with players for these positions and we will have results soon,” he explained.

Arici confirmed the club have sold Sandro to Italian outfit Benevento, which has freed up a hefty amount of the wage budget.

“We sold Sandro to the Italian team for €2.3 million, which will be paid in 4 installments. We will receive the first installment this month.”