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Podolski: I miss Galatasaray a lot

Podolski: I miss Galatasaray a lot

The Ex-Galatasaray forward spoke candidly during an interview with TRT Spor, Turkey’s largest media network.

Lukas Podolski misses Galatasaray. A lot. The German star had an interview with TRT Spor during which he expressed his true feelings for the club and the fans.

He also spoke about the World Cup and his country’s failure to deliver despite being one of the favourites.

“Like everyone, Germany shocked me. To not get out of the group stages was a surprise. This will be a learning lesson. Because after two years, the Euros will take place,” he said.

Speaking about his time in Japan, he had the following words to say;

“Before the tournament started, they said Japan wouldn’t advance from the group stages. But they did and they showed what they are capable of. It’s a very organized country. The people are very respectful. Just like I was happy in Istanbul, I’m very happy in Kobe.”

He also addressed the Turkish fans and a bit of Turkish before finishing in English;

“The tea is very nice. Selamin aleykum, thank you very much. Doner, no ayran. Good luck.” he joked in Turkish. “I miss Galatasaray and the fans a lot. Their place in my heart is special. One day I want to return to Istanbul. I want to see everyone at the club. I was speaking with some of them on FaceTime the other day. I want to go there again.”

The 33-year-old German star signed for J-League outfit Vissel Kobe in March 2017, leaving Galatasaray and European football altogether.

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