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UK ambassador to Turkey is a Fenerbahce fan

UK Ambassador to Turkey is a Fenerbahce fan

New British Ambassador to Turkey Sir Dominick Chilcott declared his affiliation with Turkish sports club Fenerbahce on Thursday – celebrated as World Fenerbahce Fan Day – a marked change from his predecessor, who was a strong supporter of arch-rival club Besiktas.

“There could not be a better day to announce which team I support – 19.07 – so Fenerbahce is my team!” Chilcott wrote on Twittter. July 19 is observed as World Fenerbahçe Fan Day because the club was founded in 1907.

Chilcott posted a video of himself receiving a Fenerbahce jersey from the club’s new President Ali Koc, with the title “ambassador” written on the back of the jersey. “I look forward to wearing my Fenerbahce shirt and watching the games,” he wrote.

He also posted pictures of his son wearing a Fenerbahçe jersey, saying: “My son, who follows football closely (and has been working with Sky Sports at the World Cup) supports Fenerbahce as well. We went to a Fenerbahce match together last year and he bought a shirt.”

Chilcott stepped into the post of ambassador in January of this year. His predecessor, Richard Moore, who served from 2014-2017, was a self-proclaimed die-hard fan of Besiktas, an arch-rival to Fenerbahce.