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Fabri breaks down in tears during emotional farewell

Fabri breaks down in tears during emotional farewell

The Spaniard was in Istanbul one last time as he said good-bye to his former teammates.

Former Besiktas goalkeeper Fabri was in the club’s facilities in Istanbul on Sunday evening bidding farewell to his former teammates and the club’s backroom staff.

Having been sold to Fulham for €6 million last month, the experienced goalkeeper wanted to say his good-byes in person rather than through a social media post.

During the press conference, the player broke down in tears during an emotional speech as he thanked everyone involved with the club and the supporters.

“I wanted to come here and say thank you once again to my colleagues, the players, the technical staff, the club officials who worked with me, the people of Istanbul. I can’t repay what they have given me during my time at the club, the happines that I experienced with my family, the experience I’ve had in the league and the opportunity to play in the Champions League. I wanted to thank everyone again. I wanted to feel everyone’s warmth once more. Wherever I go, Besiktas has won another supporter in me. Besiktas will always be in my heart,” he said as he struggled to hold back tears.

“Of course, it’s difficult to leave after experiencing such nice moments. But it’s a good departure for both sides. I will continue to follow Besiktas every week. I will play in the Premier League and this will be a big experience for me. Istanbul is an incredible city and I don’t like to say good-bye, but rather see you again. The Besiktas supporters need to believe in their goalkeepers. They have good ‘keepers. Tolga, especially. Everyone knows how good he is.”

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