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Galatasaray vice president: We will sell and buy players

Galatasaray vice president: We will sell and buy players

The club’s vice president Abdurrahim Albayrak spoke about the club’s transfer dealings on CNN Turk today.

Galatasaray vice president Abdurrahim Albayrak sat down for a Q&A session on CNN Turk where he addressed several questions regarding the club’s transfer policies this summer.

Below are his answers from the program.

“Our supporters should be a little more patient. We still have time. During this time, we will bring in players and we will also sell players,” he said.

“All the clubs that are trying to sell players want their fair share. We can’t sell player so easily. We paid a lot of money to bring some of them. When we try to sell, the clubs don’t want to pay us what we paid for our players. When this happens, you can’t just give them away. Hopefully, we will see some improvement in this matter.”

“I can’t give any names but our management, along with our coach, are working very hard. The days of big spending are over. We have to be very careful with our spending. We’re in a time where we can’t give even one Lira more. We will definitely make a transfer. We’re watching players from morning until night. The days of signing a player without watching them are gone. This applies to all clubs.”

With the worsening currency exchange between the Turkish Lira and Euro, Turkish clubs are feeling the pinch as they look for ways to get the most of their money while trying to sign players in a transfer market that has seen players go for inflated prices.

As of today, 1 Turkish Lira is 0.14 Euro cents.

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