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Tolga Cigerci agrees terms with Fenerbahce

Tolga Cigerci joins Fenerbahce

Recently released from Galatasaray, the midfielder has joined their arch-rivals; the Yellow Canaries.

Ex-Galatasaray midfielder Tolga Cigerci has done what few would dare to do once leaving Cim Bom; join their arch rivals Fenerbahce. The German-born player has agreed to a two-year contract with the club just days after mutually terminating his deal with The Lions.

Fenerbahce’s management have included an injury clause in his contract, however. The stipulation is that if he suffers an injury, the club have the right to terminate his contract.

Tolga is an injury-prone player who has spent a number of his days as a footballer on the sidelines with a particular toe injury.

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