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FIFA 19 use Besiktas president photo

The highest-selling football game series has used a picture of Besiktas president Fikret Orman.

During the presentation of the latest installment in the FIFA series in Germany, FIFA 19, the feature “Club Transfers” contained a rather interesting picture.

After several curious Black Eagles fans took notice, they began to investigate online if the person they saw in the picture was who they thought it was.

Turns out, they were right. The background photo is of Portuguese star Pepe and Besiktas president Fikret Orman shaking hands during the player’s signing ceremony.

Here’s the picture;

The president himself was asked by reporters whether he preferred FIFA or its competitor PES, to which he replied;

“I don’t play video games. I prefer to stay away from them myself. But if I had to give a clear answer, I feel closer to FIFA,” he said.

Besiktas posted the interesting image on their social media account, which has been seen by thousands of curious eyes.

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