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Trabzonspor appoint Jose Sosa as captain

Trabzonspor appoint Jose Sosa as captain

The Black Sea Storm have appointed Jose Sosa as the second captain in the first team.

Trabzonspor have made their Argentine midfielder Jose Sosa the second captain in the team first team.

The first captain is goalkeeper Onur Kivrak. In case the shot-stopper isn’t on the field or is substituted, Sosa will take over the armband and captain duties.

The announcement comes after the club stripped star striker Burak Yilmaz of the captaincy due to this internal conflict with the club’s management and official complaint he filed with the Turkish Football Federation earlier this week.

This could be a sign that the club are preparing for life without Burak, who’s been constantly linked with a move away from Trabzon.

The statement released by the club said;

“The first team’s second captain duties have been given to Jose Ernesto Sosa.

With the approval of our coach Unal Karaman and the club’s administration, we’ve made Jose Ernesto Sosa our second captain in order to facilitate a better dialogue with our foreign players.”

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