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Bursaspor need 100 million TL – president

Bursaspor need 100 million Turkish Lira

The Green Crocodiles are in financial turmoil and are in dire need of money, according to the club’s president.

Bursaspor club president Ali Ay and members of the board held a press conference on Thursday to inform the public of the current financial situation the club finds itself in.

According to Ay, the club is on a knife’s edge and are desperate for financial relief.

“We receive nothing from the Federation [Turkish Football Federation]. All the money is going to our bank loans. Some of our past coaches and players are still owed €3 million. We need 100 million Turkish Lira by the end of the year,” he explained.

He also mentioned there has been a shift in how player’s handle claims now, which further adds to the club’s distress.

“The player’s agents don’t file claims with UEFA anymore. They go directly to the Dispute Resolution Board. With UEFA, it would take about 1 year to resolve an issue while with them, it’s done within 2-3 months. We need time. I’m sorry for the staff that are still waiting to be compensated. We are three months behind. Hopefully we will find a source for the money we need and as soon as we do, we will pay all of our staff at once,” he added.

It’s no secret that Turkish clubs are going through serious financial difficulties, particularly due to the weak Turkish Lira against the Euro and the Us Dollar at the present time.

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