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Erwin Koeman blasts TFF over suspensions

Erwin Koeman blasts TFF

The Dutch coach blasted the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) over their decision not to suspend Galatasaray midfielder Belhanda for his role in the brawl which took place last week.

Following their 2-0 win against Anderlecht on Thursday night, Fenerbahce’s caretaker Erwin Koeman vented in front of reporters when asked for his opinion on the Turkish Football Federation’s (TFF) decision to issue several game suspensions to a couple of his players but not to one of the main catalysts for the brawl which took place last week, Galatasaray midfielder Younes Belhanda.

“For me, it’s unbelievable. Because Belhanda was looking for Soldado several times. He used his elbow, his arm, his head and he got zero games. It is not for me to make justice. Not at all. But we saw the clips. Are the clips lying? Are they lying on television? How is it possible, Roberto gets 6 games and this guy, zero? It’s unbelievable. Did he murder somebody or something? He was looking for Roberto. And that’s why the fight started. I can’t believe it. It’s laughable. Is this justice? I don’t think so,” he said as he vented in front of reporters.

Fenerbahce played Galatasaray in a typical, tension-filled Istanbul derby last week where the two clubs settled for a 2-2 draw but made headlines for the wrong reasons when a massive brawl took place at the end of their Super Lig clash.

Galatasaray’s Younes Belhanda and Fenerbahce’s Roberto Soldado were seen arguing throughout the clash and had headbutted each other before tensions escalated to an all out brawl between players and technical staff of both teams.

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