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Galatasaray, Fenerbahce players and staff suspended

Jailson slaps Belhanda Galatasaray Fenerbahce derby

The Turkish Football Federation have handed lengthy suspensions and fines to Galatasaray and Fenerbahce players as well as Cim Bom’s manager Fatih Terim.

Thursday evening marked a sad day for multiple Galatasaray and Fenerbahce players, as well as staff, after Turkey’s football authority dished out suspensions and monetary fines to those involved in the brawl that took place at the end of the heated Intercontinental Derby between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce last Friday.

The Turkish Football Federation’s Professional Football Discipline Board, or PFDK, have handed Galatasaray manager Fatih Terim a seven game suspension on Thursday.

One of his assistants and team coach, Hasan Sas, who is a former Galatasaray player, has also been suspended. His punishment is an eight game suspension.

The two were involved in the massive brawl that took place moments after the heated derby between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce last Friday ended in dramatic fashion.

Sas was seen attacking on opposition on the pitch while Terim ran onto the field to confront the referees and was seen verbally insulting and spitting on the officials.

In addition to the suspensions, the two coaches were also given monetary fines. Terim received a 65,000 Turkish Lira (TL) fine (approximately €10,400) for insulting the referees and unsportsmanlike comments after the game while Sas was given a 20,800 TL fine (approximately €3,300) for attacking an opposition player.

There were also fines and suspensions dished out by the PFDK for some of the players.

Below is a summary of the players and their punishment.

Ryan Donk – 6 game suspension, 15,600 TL fine
Badou Ndiaye – 5 game suspension, 13,000 TL fine
Garry Rodrigues – 3 game suspension, 7,800 TL fine

Jailson – 8 game suspension, 20,800 TL fine
Roberto Soldado – 6 game suspension, 15,600 TL fine

The aforementioned players were caught on camera shoving, kicking, slapping and physically assaulting opposition players.

Galatasaray midfielder Younes Belhanda has somehow managed to escape unpunished, which has caused an outrage among Galatasaray supporters and staff despite being seen on camera taking part of the melee.

Galatasaray club president Mustafa Cengiz and second president Abdurrahim Albayrak were issued warnings for stepping on to the pitch as the brawl took place on the turf.

The two clubs clashed in a 2-2 draw last Friday and made headlines around the world for the ugly scenes that took place after the 90 minutes of football were over.

The catalysts for the brawl were Galatasaray’s Belhanda and Fenerbahce’s Soldado who squared up after the game ended and were on the verge of a physical fight before each player’s teammates and staff attempted to intervene but ultimately made matters worse.

Click here to watch highlights of the heated derby.

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