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Galatasaray will part ways with players – coach

Many Galatasaray transfers ahead says Fatih Terim

Fatih Terim spoke candidly after watching his team crash out of the Champions League on Tuesday evening.

Galatasaray are planning to make changes to their squad in January and July, according to club manager Fatih Terim himself.

The Turkish coach showed his frustration as he watched his team lose 3-2 at Turk Telekom Stadium against FC Porto in their Champions League clash on Tuesday evening.

During the post-game press conference, he answered questions from reporters. He was very open about the club’s intentions in the upcoming transfer window.

“We are thinking about two stages; January and July. We can make a lot of transfers during these stages. I hope we can build a deep squad like everyone wants.”

“There are a lot of areas we need help in, not just one or two. Especially if we consider playing in the league, the Cup and in Europe. We need to do it under the most economical circumstances.

“We will part ways with some of our players. There’s nothing secret about this. We thank them as we sign them and we will thank them as we sell them. But no matter what, Galatasaray shouldn’t lose during this. Everyone should be ready for changes.

“We are not after just a centre forward. There are many areas where we need emergency signings. Some positions needs to be changed or reinforced. When we consider that we have two players on loan who will return to their club at the end of May, we can clearly understand where we lack players.

“It’s possible that we may sign a high number of players during these two stages. If it’s possible, we will sign young, quality players,” Terim said.

It’s no secret the Lions are in desperate need of reinforcements. They are currently playing with just one experienced forward up front, Eren Derdiyok, who has been very inconsistent through out the season.

The club are also under the watchful eye of UEFA due to their obligations to Financial Fair Play, which makes their task more complicated. To make maters worse, they are also dealing with a weak Turkish lira against the Euro.

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