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Bursaspor are 413 million TL in debt

Bursaspor are 413 million TL in debt

The Super Lig club’s president revealed their debt level during a board meeting on

Bursaspor held a Board of Directors this week during which club president Ali Ay revealed the latest financial figures of the club. As of this month, Bursaspor’s debt is 413 million Turkish Lira (approximately €68.5 million).

Speaking at the meeting, he covered number of topics including the club’s objectives this season and addressed the departures of players.

“Every transfer that we make will put in greater financial risk. But we agree on everything with our coach. We are in full agreement with regards to transfers, infrastructure and future plans. We are looking forward to what next year may bring us. Unfortunately, there are players we signed in the previous seasons who couldn’t be of use to us. We tried to part ways with these players in every way possible. We made offers and suggestions that wouldn’t cause them harm. We even made efforts to make sure they would still be compensated.

“But all of them hid behind their contracts and didn’t want to work things out with us. For instance, Bogdan Stancu. We tried to convince him to stay with financial and technical means but he had made up his mind that he wanted to leave. And so, along with Stancu, we said goodbyes to John and Boban Jovic.

Ali Ay and other club officials during the meeting.

“There was the public perception that we didn’t pay these players and they sued us. But that’s not true. You say you don’t want to play her and you want to take money that you didn’t earn, to this we didn’t agree. That’s all,” Ay explained, referring to the player’s that left the team this season.

He also addressed the financial predicament the club finds itself in.

“We have a debt of 413 million Turkish Lira until May. We have two plots. We worked hard for them. We also have a gas station and commercial land at Recep Tayip Erdogan boulevard. We are expecting 50-60 million TL in one to two months. With this, our debt will decrease to €60 million. It was €100 million when we took over. Out of the 5 champions, Bursaspor is in the best situation,” he said.

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