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Turkish Super Lig attendance on the rise

Super Lig attendance on the rise

Attendance in the first half of the 2017/2018 has increased by 10 percent.

Turkish Super Lig fans continue to flock to watch their beloved teams in massive numbers, according to the latest data provided by Passolig.

Compared to the first half of last season’s average of 12,638, this season’s attendance numbers have increased by 10%, with an average of 13,884 fans. The total number of people in attendance has also went up. The first 17 games of the 2017/2018 season saw a total of 1.9 million in attendance whereas this season that number has gone up to 2.1 million.

Despite having the worst season in their history, Fenerbahce have recorded the highest increase in attendance. So far, they’ve seen a 20% increase compared to this time last year. The figures for 2017/2018 were 29,764 whereas this season, they’ve went up to 35,801.

Trabzonspor have also seen an improvement in their attendance numbers. After 17 games this season, they’ve averaged 27,486 compared to last season’s first half, 24,108. That’s a 14% improvement.

Their highest turn out so far this season has been in the 13th week of fixtures against Fenerbahce, where 36,934 fans watched them take battle at their home-turf in Trabzon.

With regards to Passolig cards, Galatasaray continues to remain the most supported team with the highest number of Passolig cards sold.

Galatasaray – 839,292
Fenerbahce – 785,208
Besiktas – 700,988
Trabzonspor – 247,812

The most popular method of purchasing tickets for Super Lig games continues to be online with 76% of tickets sold have been through Passolig.com.tr while just 5.7% have been bought on match days at the kiosks.

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