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Fenerbahce want rival club players

Fenerbahce want rival club players Serdar Aziz and Tolgay Arslan

The Yellow Canaries are interested in Tolgay Arslan and Serdar Aziz.

Fenerbahce’s vice president Semih Ozsoy has declared the club’s interest in signing Besiktas midfielder Tolgay Arslan and Galatsaray defender Serdar Aziz.

The two players are currently in tricky situations with their respective clubs and have been removed from first team duties. Both players have fallen out with their club’s management over backroom issues. Serdar Aziz was transfer listed after his wife revealed on social media that the pair were on an exotic vacation in the Maldives even though the defender claimed he was sick with a stomach bug. Tolgay Arlsan, on the other hand, has been removed from the team for disciplinary reasons for a few months.

According to Ozsoy, the two Turkish players are open to making the switch across the Bosphorus.

“Tolgay Arslan and Serdar Aziz want to come to Fenerbahce. We added Sadik Ciftpinar to our squad. His transfer made us very happy,” he said.

Serdar Aziz’s manager, Haluk Canatar, also chimed in on his player’s current situation, hinting that a move could be on the cards.

“Fenerbahce is ready to pay the €1.8 million Serdar gets now. Fenerbahce have an issue with buying players involving a transfer fee due to Financial Fair Play. Serdar still has wages to receive from Galatasaray. His contract is in effect and the amount will continue to accrue every day. In this kind of scenario, it will be a problem for Galatasaray. Because of this, I think there will be some sort of agreement,” his manager explained.

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