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Karius: I’m the number one goalkeeper right now

German goalkeeper Karius says he's the best right now

The German shot-stopper is dedicated to the team despite the rumors he might leave this month.

Besiktas goalkeeper Loris Karius addressed the latest reports surrounding his future during a press conference at their training camp in Antalya on Sunday.

“99 percent of what’s written is nonsense. I don’t know why they do it or why they need to do it. They associate me with women I have never heard of before. The club knows this and there are no problems with them over this. The English media also write what is written here. In other words, they copy and paste. But again, the source of all this is the newspapers here,” he ranted about the claims.

When asked about the criticism he faced in his recent games, he said;

“I don’t think there is any concentration problem. Almost every weekend there have been changes in the line up. We didn’t perform well in some matches. All we have to do is to be better in the second half of the league. The names will change in the second half again. Of course, I also want to have a higher number of matches without conceding goals but the league is not so easy. This is the case for every goalkeeper. Goalies are disappointed when they concede.”

When the asked about the possibility of being replaced by former goalkeeper and fan favourite Fabri, the German shot-stopper responded confidently.

“If I had listened to what was written, I would have already returned to Liverpool. I think I’m a good keeper. I’m not a goalkeeper who will sit and wait. At the moment, I’m the number one goalkeeper,” he said.

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