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Vagner Love: Besiktas owe me money

Vagner Love rejects Adana Demirspor offer

The Brazilian has lashed out at the Black Eagles over his wages, claiming he is owed money.

Besiktas forward Vagner Love’s issues with the club continue. The former Brazil international spoke to reporters in Turkey about his current predicament, claiming he has not received wages for months.

“I am owed money by Besiktas. Because of this unresolved issue, I can’t conduct any transfer talks. The moment I terminate my deal with Besiktas, I’ll be free to negotiate.

“Besiktas owe me 5 months of wages. The problem isn’t with me, it’s with them. I always did my part. I followed the training schedule.””

The striker threatened to file an official complaint with FIFA against the Turkish club.

“They owe me 5 months of wages. We’re into the 6th month now and they still haven’t held meetings with me over this. I still went to training sessions. I have a one-and-a-half year contract left. They tell me to go to training so I go to training. If I don’t get what I am owed, I will go to FIFA. I’m sure FIFA will allow me to go work somewhere else.”

First team coach Senol Gunes has reportedly told the player he is not in his plans for the second half of the season.

“I spoke with Senol Gunes. He told me he doesn’t see a place for me in the squad. I told him if I get my money, I will move on with my life. All the clubs in the world who don’t want their players, they give them their money so they can leave. Unfortunately, Besiktas is not doing this for me. I remained silent and kept my word until today,” he explained.

“Unfortunately, this way of doing things doesn’t work. This treatment shown to me tells me there is a lack of character on their part.”

Following this interview, Besiktas announced that the player has been removed from first team duties with immediate effect for conducting interviews with the media without permission.

The 34-year-old is the latest name to have issues with the club’s management over unpaid wages, adding to the list of players who have gone through the same path including former players Pepe and Alvaro Negredo.

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