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Turkish football in limbo after TFF boss resigns

Turkish football in limbo after TFF boss resigns. debt of Super Lig clubs

The Super Lig is in need of new leadership as it heads into a tough period ahead.

With his recently announced resignation, Yildirim Demiroren leaves behind the biggest problem Turkish football has ever faced; crippling debts which have left clubs in such trouble that the government had to step in to try to fix things.

Many have received the news of Demiroren’s resignation with enthusiasm but just as many are left pondering who will take over as president of the Turkish Football Federation this summer.

The controversial figure’s presidency has been full of setbacks both on and off the field.

Under his rule, Turkey failed to qualify for two World Cups, in 2014 and 2018, and performed terribly during the 2016 EURO tournament where they exited at the group stages.

Even though they were coached by Turkey’s most successful coach, Fatih Terim, for four years during this period, there was no progress on the field.

This was only compounded by humiliating losses against Iceland, Romania, Albania and several other teams who were said to be their equal.

The biggest problem, however, which has plagued Demiroren’s presidency, and still continues to this day, is the lack of financial responsibility shown by Turkish football clubs.

Although he introduced a national financial regulation system a month before his departure, Demiroren turned a blind eye to the selfish and reckless financial policies of Turkish football executives.

Ten years ago, the total debt of Super Lig clubs was approximately €467 million, roughly around the time when he took charge of Turkish football.

As he leaves office, their total debt is now a staggering €1.5 billion.

Demiroren leaves behind a massive financial mess.

Turkish football is now experiencing its worst financial crisis in decades and as it unfolded under the Demiroren administration, he did not even consider the possibility that reckless spending and lack of planning would have the crippling effect that it has had.

Simply put, Demiroren did nothing to prevent it from happening.

With his resignation, he leaves behind a league full of clubs who are on the verge of bankruptcy, a demoralized national football team and plenty of frustrated fans.

One needs to look no further than the lack of regulations present in Turkish football with regards to finances to understand the gravity of the situation. There are not enough regulations to keep clubs in check, encourage long-term projects and nothing in place to assure fans that regardless of the chairman, order and progress will prevail in Turkish football.

With rumours of a potential bid for the position by another controversial figure, former Fenerbahce president Aziz Yildirim who was one of the major figures involved in the 2011 Turkish football corruption scandal, one can only wonder what’s in store for Turkish football in the years ahead.

One thing is for certain, however, and that is that the current opportunity to bring serious changes to the league and its clubs, for the better, should not be missed.

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