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Footballers could see tax rate increase in Turkey

Football players could see current tax rate increase in Turkey

The current tax rate of 15 percent could double if certain politicians have their way.

It’s not secret that Turkey has some of the lowest tax rates for professional football players plying their trade in the country’s leagues. It is one of the reasons many players sign for Turkish football clubs.

Alpay Antmen, a lawmaker from one of the opposition parties in Turkey, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) says football players in the country need to pay more tax.

The politician thinks the current tax rate of 15% is too low and pointed out that football players in other European countries such as Portugal, Sweden and Denmark pay 56.5%, 59% and 56% tax rates, respectively. Spain also taxes professional football players at 56 percent.

Antmen says he has prepared a draft bill that aims to double the current rate of 15% to 30%.

“For this reason, our draft bill’s aim is to make football players in turkey pay 30 percent tax,” he said.

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