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Besiktas full-back Adriano facing jail time

Besiktas full-back Adriano facing jail time for tax evasion

The Brazilian full-back has been accused of tax evasion while playing in Spain.

Besiktas full-back Adriano Correia is facing prison time in Spain. Prosecutors in Spain have accused the Brazilian of tax evasion while playing for FC Barcelona between 2010 and 2016.

According to investigators, Adriano used an off-shore company on the Portuguese island of Madeira to hide his earnings from his image rights between 2011 and 2012, which are reported to be worth €646,086.09.

Despite rejecting the allegations, the player has paid a fine that has been imposed based on the amount that he allegedly failed to declare.

Adriano is still not off the hook, however, as prosecutors in Spain are demanding he serve a three year prison sentence in addition to a €1.1 million fine.

According to reports in Spain, the judge assigned to the case must now decide whether the player should be imprisoned or not.

The hearing is scheduled for April 9.

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