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Galatasaray to form partnership with Nice

Galatasaray partnership with OGC Nice in the works

The Lions are interested in forming a commercial partnership with the French club.

After announcing their partnership with American football club Phoenix Rising, Galatasaray have turned their attention to France where they plan to ink a similar agreement with Ligue 1 club OGC Nice.

Speaking to GSTV, club chairman Mustafa Cengiz revealed the club’s plans on Saturday, confirming that the Turkish club are planning to form a “strategic partnership” with Nice’s while praising the French club’s owner, Alex Zheng.

“Alex Zheng, a very important name in the world of football, is here with us today. Just like we did with Phoneix Rising, he is planning to make a long-term strategic partnership with us. He is here for 2-3 days. He wants to bring many positive things to Turkish and French football,” Cengiz said.

Zheng (left) and Cengiz (right).

Zhang also spoke to GSTV saying he was very impressed with Galatasaray.

“I am very impressed by Galatasaray’s size, history and community. As a Phoenix Rising co-owner, I was very hopeful of the agreement. We want to make a similar agreement with Nice, where I am also a co-owner,” the Chinese businessman said.

Phoenix Rising’s club president Berke Bakay said the partnership will open doors in the future.

“Alex is our partner. He wanted a copy of our agreement with Phoenix Rising and said a similar commercial and sporting agreement between the two clubs will open many door in the future,” Bakay said.

Didier Drogba, who played for Galatasaray and Phoenix Rising, was present in Istanbul on Saturday to receive an honorary award from Galatasaray and said he also approved of the partnership saying the agreement between the Turkish and American clubs is an important step forward. The Ivory Coast star said an agreement with Nice would also be very beneficial for both clubs.

Drogba receiving his award on Saturday, April 6 2019.

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