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Bursaspor chairman: I give 10m from my pocket

Bursaspor chairman: I give 10m from my pocket

The club’s chairman is one of the club’s biggest financial donors.

Bursaspor chairman Ali Ay has publicly responded to claims of financial mismanagement. The club official says he has donated approximately 10 million Turkish Lira of his own money to keep the club afloat.

During a press conference held at the club’s facilities, Ay spoke to reporters alongside board member Omer Faruk Sahin about the reports that have been circulating in Turkey alleging the financial mismanagement of his administration.

“If someone speaks about my honesty, of course, I have the right to respond. Some are saying ‘He benefits from the land sales’. Every year, I give around 10 million Turkish Lira from my own pocket. You may love Bursaspor but I love the club more than all of you do.

“We are in love with Bursaspor. When I came here, there was a 40 million lira bill. We had the opportunity to give and we did. I am the chairman of an export company, I used foreign credit. Let me tell you the figure. In total, I am on the hook for approximately 140 million lira. You think a chairman will risk that much to sell himself for a little amount? Shame on you all.

“We sold players for a total of 7 million euro. Then, they say ‘the president took the money’. I did not touch a single penny,” Ay said as he addressed the claims in front of a room full of reporters.

Omer Faruk Sahin, a member of the club’s board of directors, revealed that for the past 6 months the administration have been working on a “20-year project” for the club.

Ay (right) and Sahin (left) during the press conference.

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