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TFF halts decision to change foreigner limit

TFF halts decision to change foreign player limit

The governing body’s president, Niat Ozdemir, says there will be no changes to the foreigner rules in Turkey this summer.

The Turkish Super Lig’s rules regarding foreign players will remain in place for the time being, according to the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) president Nihat Ozdemir.

After appointing new Board of Directors at the organization earlier this week, Ozdemir addressed the foreign player rules currently in place.

“We will not make any changes to the foreign player limit this season. Because every decision we make today will affect future seasons. Every team has multiple foreign players and they all have contracts. Therefore, there will not be any talks to change things. In case any changes are to be made in the coming years, we will meet with the Clubs Association and make a change if we reach an agreement,” Ozdemir announced.

The president also reflected on the worsening finances of Turkish football clubs, underlining that each club’s finances are in danger and are being monitored by UEFA.

“We will meet with all of our clubs, one-on-one. Our clubs need help with financial restructuring. As we all know, the financial structure of many of our clubs is broken. UEFA is monitoring these things,” he said.

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