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Besiktas’ pre-season training schedule announced

Besiktas' pre-season training schedule announced

The Black Eagles will carry out their pre-season training in Turkey and Austria this summer.

Besiktas coach Abdullah Avci and his team will begin their pre-season training camp on Monday, July 8, it has been confirmed.

According to the information released by the Turkish football club, the team will meet on July 8 at the club’s Istanbul facilities where they will begin their intense training in preparation for the new season. They will remain at the facilities until July 11.

The team will move on to the Turkish Football Federation’s training facilities at Hasan Dogan National Team Facilities where they will train from July 13th until the 22nd.

The second phase of the team’s training will commence on July 25 in Saalfelden, Austria where they will stay at the Gut Brandlhof hotel and train there until August 4.

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