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Emre Can apologizes for sexist remark

Emre Can apologizes for sexist remark

Juventus midfielder Emre Can has responded to the backlash he received after making a sexist remark while defending his teammate Cristano Ronaldo.

After Cristano Ronaldo’s sending off during the Valencia-Juventus clash on Wednesday evening, Emre Can spoke out against the referee’s decision.

Speaking to broadcaster DAZN, he said;

“It was not a red. We are not women, we play football.”

The comment received a ton of backlash online, particularly on social media, with people from across the globe calling Emre out on his remark.

The German international, feeling the pressure of the negative feedback, has apologized for his comment on his Twitter account.

During the heated encounter, Ronaldo was seen trying to grab the head of Valencia’s Jeison, for which he was sent off during his European debut with Juventus.

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