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Turkish clubs to be punished for overspending

Turkish clubs to be punished for overspending

The Turkish Football Federation will impose fines, transfer bans and other forms of punishment on clubs who exceed their transfer budgets.

The days of spending high-figures on new transfers are over in Turkish football thanks to the new rules and its own Financial Fair Play regulations passed by the country’s football governing body, the Turkish Football Federation (TFF).

The new regulations come at a time during which almost all Super Lig clubs are heavily in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy, struggling to keep up with financial obligations and salary payments.

With UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules in place already, the new regulations imposed by the TFF will make it even more difficult for clubs to sign new, expensive payers.

According to the new regulations, clubs’ spending limits will be set for the next season, with exact figures expected to be announced in September.

Beginning with the January transfer window in the 2019-2020 season, Turkish clubs will be forced to abide by the rules and limit their spending. Any club failing to do so will face a number of gradual fines and other punishments.

If a club exceeds their limit by at least 6%, they will face restrictions on their line-up in their fixtures whereas if they go over 26% or more, they will be deducted three points, face monetary fines and a transfer ban.

With the crumbling financial state of Turkish football, many in Turkey are hoping these new regulations will bring order to a league where financial management is notoriously lacking.

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