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Brazilian scouts in Istanbul next week

Brazilian scouts coming to town

Brazilian national team scouts will be in Istanbul next week to watch the two players.

Talisca and Giuliano will be closely watched next week as Brazilian scouts will be assessing the two players for the Brazil national team.

The two players have been in-form and consistent all throughout the season for their clubs, Besiktas and Fenerbahce, respectively. The Brazilian duo have done enough to merit a place in their country’s national team for the upcoming World Cup this summer.

National team manager Tite has instructed scouts to pay a visit to Turkey and report back with their assessment of the players.

Fenerbahce’s Giuliano has appeared 20 times for his club this season scoring 9 goals and contributing 2 assists.

Talisca, on the other hand, has scored 14 goals and made 3 assists in 31 games.

Brazilian national team officials Fernandao Lazaro and Matheus Bachi will watch the players in question. Giuliano will be observed during training on February 23rd. They will also take a look at his physical condition and meet with his club’s technical staff.

The two officials will move on to closely watch Talisca during his training session with Besiktas the day after.

Lazaro and Bachi will report on the match performance of both players by watching their respective clubs in the Besiktas-Fenerbahce derby which will take place on February 25th in Vodafone Park.

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