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Turkey’s spending increases 141%

Fifa's spending report

FIFA’s latest report on transfer deals has revealed interesting data.

According to the latest FIFA findings, in 2017 Turkish clubs spent $159.4 million collectively on transfers. An increase of 141% compared to 2016.

Some other interesting findings of the analysis;

There were 329 international player transfers made by Turkish clubs, placing Turkey in 9th place worldwide.

The total amount of revenue from players sold by Turkish clubs was $102.2 million.

To put things in perspective, last year there were 15,624 international transfers for a total of $6.37 billion dollars. In 2016 and 2015 , the total was $4.8 billion and $4.19 billion respectively.

The analysis done by experts continues to show the startling trend of a massive increase in transfer fees, which has been the topic of discussion at FIFA. The organization has spoken about the possibility of a “transformation” in order to control the inflated prices.

If you’d like to find more interesting data from FIFA, you may do so by clicking here.

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