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Garry Rodrigues: We can’t play like this if…

Garry Rodrigues speaks about loss

Garry Rodrigues gave his thoughts on the outcome of the match after his team lost 2-1 to Kasimpasa on Sunday night.

Galatasaray’s pacey winger Garry Rodrigues was asked to share his thoughts after the his team’s lackluster performance against local rivals Kasimpasa.

“We played bad in the second half, and this led to the loss. If you were to look at the away and home games in recent weeks, you’d see the difference. We didn’t perform well today. If we want to be crowned champions, we can’t play like this. We have to play like Galatasaray.”, the Cape Verde international said.

Recently, Garry has been linked with a host of clubs due to his good performances. He managed to put Cim Bom ahead in the 37th minute however that was short lived as Kasimpasa were awarded a penalty and equalized in the 45th minute of the first half. Kasimpasa went on to score late in the second half to make the score 2-1 and hold on for the win.

This is Galatasaray’s 6th away loss in the league so far this season.

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