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Galatasaray signs new sponsor deal

Galatasaray's new sponsor

The Turkish powerhouse have signed a sponsorship agreement with Jeunesse Global. The company’s name will appear on the team’s socks.

Galatasaray have a signed a deal with their newest sponsor, world-famous company Jeunesse Global. The club’s president Mustafa Cengiz was present at the signing ceremony as were European Business Development Director Luigi di Salvo and several other board members.

The agreement is for two and a half years and will bring €1 million annually to the club’s coffers.

While the deal may have caught many off-guard, president Cengiz spoke highly of the agreement; “Some of the narrow-minded owners are incapable of conceptualizing this deal. These companies are ones that deliver the highest sales figures in the developing digital world. In Galatasaray, we want to be a part of this digital world. Jeunesse is a worldwide company. This is a company that sponsors stadiums in Brazil and Korea. Sao Paulo’s stadium name belongs to this company. Although the amount looks small, it will increase in the future. We see this as a valuable amount in a period when sponsorship revenues are falling.”

Director Luigi di Salvo commented on the partnership as well and was quoted as saying; “We are proud to be here today. We are one of the most popular companies in this sector. We operate in more than 145 countries. But when choosing brand partners we have a very strict policy, we choose to work with winning teams. We have a turnover of $1.1 billion 6 years after entering this business, so you can understand our position in the sector. We are making this agreement because we understand the history and high ethical values of the club. We all think and believe we will win the UEFA Cup and Super Cup again.”

The sponsor deal comes at a time when finances are tight at the club due to the high wages they are spending on their players and so it would be breath of fresh air for the Cim Bom supporters to know that the club is actively working on improving their finances.