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Karabukspor has hope

Karabukspor has hope

Karabukspor club president Mehmet Aytekin spoke to reporters about the club’s situation in the Super Lig as well as the club’s finances.

During a press conference organized by the club, Karabukspor’s president Mehmet Aytekin spoke to reporters and took questions regarding the club’s state in the Super Lig, the club’s bank balance and their ambitions for this season moving forward.

“We spoke with the players, we organized a team meeting. They said they will do everything they can until the end of the season. They told us they trust us and what their expectations are of us as a management. They promised us they wouldn’t make problems for us and we promised them the same.”, said the president.

The club have been in financial distraught through-out the season as their wages are reported to be more than they can afford to pay.

Aytekin continued to clarify the situation and their plans; “The money that will come from the Spor Toto Super Lig will be used to pay the players and their associated expenses. We also manage by utilizing the clubs revenues and other incoming money.”

Speaking about their match coming up against Malatyaspor, the president seemed optimistic. “Our players told us they are going to show up for the Malatyaspor to win, they promised us. They gave us their word that until the end of the season they will sacrifice every drop of blood they have. Karabukspor is a well-supported team. Hopefully we can win the points we need to survive the drop. But we are planning for a stronger Karabukspor. We will show you in two years how this team will become a football powerhouse.”

The president expressed his desire for support from the general public and said that the finances are not as bad as have been reported by the media. The club are currently stuck at the bottom of the table and will need to turn things around quickly if they are to avoid relegation from the Turkish Super Lig.

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